Standings Bay Area Singles Fall Green 2017, 4.0

Rank*Won/playedSet StatsRating
1Hang Lee1/12/013   13.0
2Carlos Puchol1/22/215,0,18   6.0
3Benjamin Arbab1/22/2-17,-4,-21   -7.0
4Dorian Johnson0/10/2-15,-35   -17.5
5Alexander Muhr0/00/015   15.0
6Seth Hazen0/00/0
* Standings are calculated on matches won, sorted with rules virtually identical to USTA rules for tie-breaking:
  1. Matches Won first, then
  2. Least total Sets Lost, and then
  3. Least total Games Lost

Only matches upto and including the current week count for ranking, not later matches.

Check out the details of the rating algorithm. Note, however, that it's subject to tuning.